Monday, 15 July 2013

Home Front Reproduction Memorabilia Pack

A while back I ordered some books from and among the suggestions based on my shopping, I found The Home Front Memorabilia pack (pictured above). Since it was just a little over £6 I added it too my order and a few days later it landed in my letter box.

I have to say it was extremely good value for money – several reproductions of government leaflets, a sample of a ration book, a Woman's Illustrated, tickets complete with war slogans etc. It was nice since everything was reproduced as is – with smears and stamps etc. I think it's meant to be used in schools and I can really see how that would bring home the realities of the war to children in a way mere words cannot.

I see that there are several more packages and I'm a little tempted to get the Women's War Package and the Blitz newspapers and... You see, what I'm like, right? Like Cookie Monster, i want it all!

Anyway, just wanted to pass on the tip for anyone interested in the gritty realities of the British Home Front.

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