Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Elisabeth's Grandmother's Dessert Pie

Fellow Dieter and Swede Elisabeth shared a Swedish wartime recipe for pie. She says about the recipe:

"It is passed on from my grandmother to my mother to me. Notice it has little sugar, but very much flour - they were farmers and had good access to flour, but not to the rationed sugar."
Here it is:
  • 100 g sugar (a little more than 1 dl, 1dl sugar = 0,85 hg) 
  • 200 g butter 
  • 300 g flour (6 dl of flour - be sure to sweep of the excess, "strukna m├ątt") 
  • Fruit or berries
Mix it all into a paste (or dough) and use about a third to make a bottom crust. Bake in 150 °C until it has a nice golden coulor.

Fill crust with apples (or berrys, for example a mix of raspberry and blueberry), use remaining dough to make a top-crust. Bake in oven until smells tempting and the cover has a nice colour.

Elisabeth says she always adds sugar over the berries or apples, and then enjoys it with lots of custard-sauce. Well, I don't know about "lots of custard sauce" but custard powder wasn't rationed in Britain so if you could get it... I'll leave you to sort that out with your conscience!


  1. I think I'm going to make this at the ennd of the week! I'll let you know how it goes and re-port on my blog.



  2. Please do! If you'd care to leave a comment here with the link, that'd be super. :)